既にUstream配信やオンラインビッド(Live Auction System)など、インターネットを利用したオークションのサービスを提供してまいりましたが、オンラインオークションは、インターネット上のみで入札~落札、お支払までが完結する新しいサービスです。





➢ 簡易なご入札手続き




➢ いつでも・どこでも



➢ 便利なサービス

オンラインオークションならではのサービスとして、通常のオークションには無い「クレジット決済」「PayPal決済」、お気に入りの作品やアーティストを登録できる「WATCH LIST」「MY ARTIST」機能を備えました。また、請求書確認や配送指示などもWEB上で行うことができます。



SBI Art Auction has been an exclusive auction house in Japan specialized in contemporary art.



In addition to a number of online services already released such as Ustream broadcasting and Live Auction System, the newly launched online-only sales will enable you to browse and purchase artworks at any place at any time.


Explore more opportunities to build and broaden your collections with SBI Online Auction. 



➢ All in one easy to use auction site

The whole process can be completed online –from customer registration to placing bids and payment.

And you can even access from your smartphones/tablets.


➢ Anytime, anywhere

You can place bids whenever/wherever you want during the sales period.


➢ Convenient service

You can watch your favorite works/artists by registering them in your “WATCH LIST” and “MY ARTIST”.

Payment is possible by credit card or PayPal which is an exclusive service for online auction.

You can also check your invoice and order shipping online.